What We Offer

Do you have a desire to do more than just travel? Do you want to see the world and make a difference at the same time? We are now looking for short/medium-term volunteers (1 to 6 months) to help set up our new Vocational Training Center.

During your placement you will have the opportunity to be part of one of the most authentic and unique education program, immerse yourself in this beautiful culture, develop and build on your skills and make new friends.

What we offer:
– To be an essential part in an exciting stage of the project
– Part of an innovative and successful concept
– Ideal place to grow and learn personally in an ecological environment
– Ethical volunteering: 90% of the students find a job. Your contribution is meaningful to our community and has a long-lasting, positive impact.
– Exchange with our students, insight in their social background, etc
– Your money goes 100% to the school project
– Introduction course to local culture, customs and history of the country
– On-site Swahili lessons (1hr/day)
– Possibility to local culinary art, dishes and its preparation
– Visit of two local partner-NGO’s

Accommodation & Food:
Accommodation is organized with you, several options are available.
We serve three healthy vegetarian meals per day.

Your profile
We are seeking for motivated, mature, hands-on, pragmatic, sociable, flexible female volunteers.

Age: preferably 30+, but at least 28 yrs of age with several years of experience in the filed  you are interested volunteering in  (education-> teacher, vegetable garden -> gardening, etc).