Life Changing Aid & Art of Transformation

DSC00069Life Changing Aid.

Approx.  75 percent of students do not pass the secondary exam to access higher education. Especially adolescents of low / no income families fail and have no prospects.

Most young people are losing out on employment in the tourism sector due to lack of education opportunities, experience and the right skills/attitude.

By translating the needs of the hospitality sector into a training program, 90% of the graduates find a job.







Traditional customs favors boys/men access to education compared to girls/women, especially from the poor families.

Our for young-women-only training program changes their life. And those of their future kids. As the woman becomes economically self-sufficient, she attains self-determination.




ready to be servedThe Art of Transformation.

Transformation is at the heart of the project. The goal is to transform the life of the poorest one by providing life changing aid.Transformation of the vicious, negative poverty circle into a positive circle of development:

From: “No education -> no job -> no income -> no self-reliance -> complete dependency -> forced marriage -> no self-determination”

To: “Training/Education -> Increased employability -> well paid regular jobs -> self-reliance -> independence-> freedom of choice -> self-determination”.

The school will provide to motivated young women of socially and economically lowest classes an above the average training program of 12 months. Thanks to the program 90% of the graduates will find a well paid job in the hospitality industry.