Transformation is the Goal

vegetable prepTanzania requires students to pass a national examination at the end of secondary school in order to continue on to higher education. But only about 25 percent of students pass the exam each year. For the 75 percent of students who do not pass the exam, prospects are bleak in an economy with unemployment levels of more than 40 percent. Especially girls are at risk. If they don’t accept an underpaid or unethical job, they are either forced into marriages or drift into prostitution  which creates additional personal and social problems.





ready to be servedTransformation is at the heart of the project. The goal is to transform the life of the poorest one by providing life changing aid.Transformation of the vicious, negative poverty circle into a positive circle of development: From: “No education -> no job -> no income -> no self-reliance -> complete dependency” To: “Training/Education -> Increased employability -> well paid regular jobs -> self-reliance -> independence”.

The school will provide to motivated young women of socially and economically lowest classes an above the average training program of 12 months. Thanks to the program 90% of the graduates will find a well paid job in the hospitality industry.